Bahraini Al-Khalifa strongly criticized over misconduct with women

Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR) fiercely censured Al-Khalifa’s misbehavior against Bahraini female citizens. In its Saturday twitter message, BCHR said, “ICYMI Women in Bahrain: inequality and discrimination.” BCHR went ...

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Bahrain cracks down on Formula One protesters

Security forces in Bahrain have cracked down hard on people protesting the country’s hosting of the Formula One race, which they say serves to distract world attention away from the ...

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Bahraini regime summons 10-year-old to court

A Bahraini regime court has summoned a minor to stand trial for participation in a pro-democracy protest rally. Ali Naim Marhoun, 10, was summoned to a court on Sunday after ...

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