Hezbollah official calls on Lebanese nation to elect powerful President

Hezbollah Resistance Movement’s second-in-command, Sheikh Naim Qassem, voiced the Lebanese party’s opposition to the chaos and turmoil and called for efforts to elect a powerful president to end the political crisis in the Arab country.

“If we had a choice between a powerful elected president and the option of chaos, disorder and illegality, we would choose the first option, because we are against chaos and disorder,” Sheikh Naim Qassem said in a speech in the Lebanese capital of Beirut.

“Opponents of the election of a powerful president are like the ones who prevent the election and prefer chaos and disorder to the national interests…,” the top cleric was quoted as saying by the Al-Alam News Network.

He further emphasized that all the problems in Lebanon have their roots in failing to implement the country’s constitution.

The first round of a National Dialogue sponsored by Speaker Nabih Berri was held earlier this month at the Parliament in Downtown Beirut.

The talks underscored sharp differences between the rival parties over how to resolve a protracted political crisis that has plunged Lebanon into a presidential vacuum and paralyzed the executive and legislative branches of government.

The president in Lebanon is chosen by parliament. But MPs have failed to elect one since Michel Suleiman’s term expired last year.

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