ISIL disfiguring Islam’s image to undermine its strength: Grand Mufti

Saudi Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Sheikh denounced the conspiracies hatched by enemies of Islam to undermine its strength and urged the Muslim Ummah to forge unity among its ranks to foil their designs.

Delivering the Haj sermon from Masjid-i-Nimra in Arafat, where over two million pilgrims have converged to perform the main ritual of Haj, Waqoof-i-Arafat, the mufti implicitly targeted the self-styled ISIL militants group.

In an apparent condemnation of IS, the grand mufti cautioned Muslims against those who are misusing the name of Islam and indulging in sabotage and terrorist activities.

“They have not spared even mosques and peaceful citizens. These elements have gone astray and are strengthening the hands of Islam’s enemies,” said Sheikh Aziz.

They are disfiguring the image of Islam and serving the cause of its enemies, he said, urging the Muslim Ummah to make concerted efforts in their individual and collective lives to spread the true message of Islam as a religion of peace, love and brotherhood.

The grand mufti said the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) declared all types of injustices as forbidden (Haram) and added that no human being would take the life of another human being. He said injustice is destined to be eliminated sooner or later.

In his Haj sermon, Sheikh Aziz specially addressed the youth and said they should not listen to those who are spreading anarchy. Instead, they should “direct their energies towards constructive pursuits and spread the true message of Islam”.

We should make our lives a beacon of light for people living around the world, he added.

The grand mufti also urged rulers of the Islamic world to take care of the needs of their people and concentrate on efforts to promote unity among the ranks of the Ummah.

Sheikh Aziz also called upon media to discharge its professional responsibilities in an honest manner, putting across what is right and.

He said there is a dire need for Muslims to create unity in their ranks as their enemies are getting united. He specially referred to plans to divide Masjid-i-Aqsa and said our efforts to liberate the Qibla-i-Awwal have weakened.

The grand mufti asked Muslims in distress all over the world to demonstrate patience and perseverance, adding that soon their difficulties would be over.

On this occasion, prayers were also offered for the well being and unity of Muslims.

Earlier, the pilgrims reached Maidan-i-Arafat to attend the annual Haj sermon.

The pilgrims, after the Waqoof-i-Arafat, will spend the whole night under the open sky at Muzdalfa where they will offer their Maghrib and Isha prayers.

Tomorrow, the pilgrims will return back to Mina and perform Rami and sacrifice animals.

They will put off their Ihrams after offering sacrifices, and shave their heads followed by Tawaaf-e-Ziara which could be performed within three days. This practice will formally complete the Haj rituals.

Over two million Muslims including 143,368 from Pakistan are performing Haj this year.

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