Who Is Fanning Sectarian Flames in Middle East?

Pro-Saudi media gossipers in the West claim Shia leaders in Iran are fomenting sectarian violence in the Middle East.

Other claims include: Iran shipping arms to Bahrain; Iran aggravating religious differences in Iraq and Yemen; Iran meddling in the region; and Iran making alliance with Russia to crush Sunni resistance in Syria alongside the government of President Bashar al-Assad, Hezbollah, and the Lebanese Shia militia.

Lest there be any doubt, everything happens for a reason and there are plenty of reasons why the Muslim world is in turmoil:

* The protests in Bahrain by the Shia majority is a consequence of years of negligence and repression by the despotic regime. Shias do not feel wanted or part of what is happening there. Bahrain cannot sweep this irrefutable fact under the carpet by expelling Iranian diplomats or accusing Tehran of shipping arms to foment sectarian strife in the tiny sheikhdom.

* Sectarianism is the bread and butter of Salafis and Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia. Calls for “retaliation” and “jihad” against Shias by hard-line Saudi clerics plus mainstream extremist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, which refer to President Assad as a “treacherous Alawite criminal”, should be seen within this context.

* Saudi Arabia and its Persian Gulf allies are as eager as ever to stoke the fires, escalate power struggle, and mobile followers using implicit sectarian appeals to attack Shia mosques. They are now engaged in armed conflicts and terrorism to aggravate religious differences in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen.

* The Saudis are transforming political conflicts into religious struggles and making the bloodshed in the region harder to contain. The pro-Saudi political dynamics in the region has failed. They want to avoid further failure and humiliation. They are deliberately targeting Yemeni civilians in airstrikes to foment sectarian violence, and their irresponsible Western allies allow it to happen. Because, why not?

* The United States, international Zionism, and the Saudi-led Wahhabi Takfiri camp have created a poisonous media empire to back the anti-Iran campaign, while tearing the Muslim world apart and portraying a cruel image of Islam. They spread religious, racial, and sectarian hatred, even sponsoring Shia mercenaries to run abusive satellite channels in Europe and the United States.

* The Western-Zionist-Saudi media outlets promote the US Congress bill which seeks the division of Iraq and Syria along sectarian lines. This has also been in existence for most Western Asia and North African states as per the “Greater Middle East” plan…

Obviously, the US-led invasion of Iraq is the main culprit for the perils of sectarian polarization here. But in recent years this has been reinforced by the Saudi-led camp which has ratcheted up the latest violent turn. The regime changers have framed all this mess to beat back the regional influence of Iran.

Suffice it to say, Iran and Russia decided to stand up to the expansionist regimes and their terrorist proxies. Syria was the place to draw the line, and the new anti-terror alliance is doing it effectively under international law – upon a request from the government in Damascus. Mind you, this is not the furthest they can go.

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