Hezbollah condemns US blatant, foolish attack on Syria

Hezbollah condemned the blatant American aggression on the Syrian sovereignty by the missiles attack on Shayrat military airport.

It further viewed that this new crime reveals the US administration insisting on continuing its aggressive course against our nation, seeking to serve the Zionist entity and achieve its ambitions in the region, al-Ahed news reported.

Such vicious attacks cannot affect the morale of the heroic Syrian army, which is scoring victory after another against the terrorists supported by America and its agents in various regions of Syria.

It [This attack] will have no negative reflection on the Resistance’s alliance and its steadfastness in backing and supporting the Syrian state in its ongoing war against terrorism.

This foolish move by the Donald Trump administration will be a source of great tension and danger to the region and will further complicate the international situation.

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