Hezbollah says to stand by Egypt against terrorism

Lebanon’s Hezbollah Resistance Movement condemned the bomb explosions at Coptic churches in various cities in northern Egypt, stressing that the resistance movement will stand by the North African country against terrorism.

Hezbollah, in a statement released late on Sunday, rapped the terrorist attacks on two churches in Egypt and said they were part of a plot orchestrated by arrogant powers and certain sponsors of terrorists in the region against the Islamic Ummah (community), Al Manar television channel reported.

The aim of such heinous crimes is to force Christians out of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula and create divisions in the country for Israel’s benefit in the region, it added.

“We will stand by Egypt and its nation,” Hezbollah stressed, urging the need for exercising vigilance in the face of the great conspiracy as well as forming a unified coalition against the terrorists and their supporters.

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