Senior Shia scholar of Najaf seminary meets CII chief in Islamabad

Senior Islamic scholar Dr Syed Adil al Hakim of Iraq’s Najaf seminary visited the Council of Islamic Ideology (CCI) headquarters in Islamabad where he met with CII chief Qibla Ayaz and other senior officials. He was warmly welcomed by CII head.

Hujjatul Islam Dr Syed Adil Hakeem briefed the CII officials that highly-qualified Shia jurisprudents who are source of emulation for Shia Muslims always preached love and taught their followers for unity of Muslims.
He said that Daesh takfiri terrorist group massacred Iraqis without any discrimination. He said Daesh terrorists killed Sunni and Shia Muslims and also killed non-Muslim Iraqis. He said that Shia jurisprudents (source of emulation) turned down the ideology of hate and sectarian fanaticism. He said Grand Ayatollah Syed Ali al Sistani is known as symbol of unity of Muslims in Iraq. He said Ayatollah Sistani owns Sunni Muslims like Shia Muslims and make no difference between them.
CII chairman Dr Qibla Ayaz agreed that takfiris pose serious threat to the entire Muslim world and Pakistan too was committed against takfiris. He said Pakistan has taken measures to turn down the takfiri ideology.
Qibla Ayaz presented a shield to Dr Syed Adil Hakeem, the senior scholar at Iraq’s Najaf seminary. Hujjatul Islam Shaikh Anwar Jafari was also present in the meeting.

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