Pakistan Minister calls US Ambassador to Afghanistan a little pygmy

Federal Minister for Human Rights Shireen Mazari has labelled the United States Ambassador to Afghanistan John R Bass as little pygmy.

She took to Twitter to respond to’ criticism of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan by US diplomat over his recent remarks on the Afghan peace process.

Bass had accused Imran Khan of ball-tampering, a term in cricket used for cheating, in the Afghan peace process. “Some aspects of cricket apply well in diplomacy, some do not. Imran Khan, important to resist the temptation to ball-tamper with the Afghanistan peace process and its internal affairs,” he tweeted.

Soon after Bass’ tweet, Shireen Mazari gave a tit-for-tat response. She tweeted: “Clearly in your case ignorance is certainly not bliss! Another sign of Trumpian mischief a la Khalilzad style!” She further tweeted, you should focus on your President’s tendency of violating international law and UN resolutions to satisfy Israel’s list for annexing territory.

“You could do with a few lessons in diplomacy – or do you feel you can insult Pakistan and its leader and we will keep silent? Get real! You are nowhere with the peace process without support from Prime Minister Imran Khan and our govt.

So get a reality check,” said the minister.

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