UK jihadi bride Shamima Begum ‘prepared suicide bombers’

Shamima Begum, who left London at 15 to become a jihadi bride and has been begging to return home since the defeat of Isis, “stitched suicide bombers into explosive vests”, spy agencies say.

Begum, now 19, had previously said she was “just a housewife” during the time she spent in the de facto Isis capital of Raqqa, Syria, with her Dutch extremist husband Yago Riedijk

An anti-Daesh activist from Deir Ez-Zor reportedly told the newspaper that Begum — who claimed she was only a “housewife” during her time with the terror group — had been seen wielding an automatic weapon and shouting at Syrian women for wearing brightly coloured shoes.

“Members of our group from Raqqa knew her well”, the activist, Aghiad al-Kheder, told the newspaper. “There were lots of young European women in the hisba. Some of them were very harsh and the local population became very scared”.

Al-Kheder, is the founder of an anti-Daesh collective that gathered and published first-hand information on Daesh crimes, according to The Independent.

However, Dutch and American spy agencies that have interrogated other western converts to Isis said Begum had been witnessed preparing people for suicide bomb attacks, according to The Mail on Sunday.

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