CIA Created ISIS, Says Julian Assange Releases 500,000 Evidences

CIA create ISIS, claimed by Julian Assange after he released secret documents from the year 1979, called this year as the rising of ISIS.

On the 6th anniversary of the Wikileaks 2016, When Julian Assange made the sensitive US files public on 28th of November in 2010, it further widened the Public Library of PLUSD (Public Library of US Diplomacy) with new 531,525 diplomatic cables from the year 1979, Express UK reported.

In a status related to the leaked files known as “Carter Cables 3”. Julian Assange explained the linkage of 1979 files that helped ISIS grow.

If you name the years ISIS started rising, it was 1979.

Julian Assange told a choice made by the CIA with Saudi Arabia, to invest billions of dollars into arming the Mujahideen fighters with bombs and bullets in Afghanistan to attack the Soviet Union, had led to the establishment of terror group al-Qaeda.

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