Pakistani Senator sees Israel behind US policy against Iran

Pakistani Senator sees Israel behind US policy against Iran. The head of Pakistan-Iran Parliamentary Friendship Group in Senate Lt Gen Abdul Qayoom (retd) said anti-Iran US policy is aimed at appeasing Israel.

He noted Iran a sovereign state that has every right to take decisions keeping in view its national interests.

Also, he said, US is pursuing aggressive policy towards Iran to appease the Zionist regime of Israel.

Most importantly, veteran Senator from Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) noted US administration’s double standard.

He said on one hand US remains silent over Israeli nuclear capabilities. But, on the other, they object Iran’s peaceful nuclear program.

Furthermore, he said that the US attacked Afghanistan and Iraq and now moving fleet because they want to dominate the whole world.

Senator Qayoom cited that Iran repeatedly stated that they have no intention of developing nuclear weapons.

He noted that is the US that has violated Iran nuclear deal. While other signatories of the treaty want to keep it intact.

He called Iran’s ultimatum as wise. Iran has given 60-day time to the states parties to JPCA to remedy their breaches and restore Iran’s interests that the international deal guaranntee.

Former military general said Iran is an independent nation. He said it is not binding upon Iran to remain in the agreement if the other party unilaterally withdraws.

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