Rouhani says US bans on Iranian nation ‘crime against humanity’

President Hassan Rouhani says the US’ sanctions against the Iranian nation are a “crime against humanity” as they have effectively targeted ordinary people, hampering their access to food and medicine.

“The hard days and the problems created by the US’ economic war have started,” Rouhani said in a Wednesday meeting with a group of Iranian lawyers in Tehran.

The Iranian president described the war as a “crime against humanity,” saying the sanctions have created troubles for the people’s livelihood and made it more difficult for them to access food and medication.

“This is not a war against the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, but a war against the Iranian nation,” he added.

The US government re-imposed its sanctions against Iran after it unilaterally withdrew from the nuclear deal with Tehran in May 2018. Washington recently stopped issuing sanctions waivers for Iran’s eight largest oil clients in a bid to cut down the country’s oil exports to zero. It has also threatened the buyers of Iranian oil with sanctions if they fail to stop their purchases.

US President Donald Trump also imposed sanctions on Iran’s export of industrial metals in a bid to cut all sources of revenue for the Islamic Republic.

Despite the US’ claim that the sanctions are merely aimed at changing the Iranian government’s behavior, they have practically endangered the lives of many Iranian patients.

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