Shaheed Foundation member released from enforced disappearance

Shaheed Foundation member released from enforced disappearance. Syed Zahid Hussain Zaidi has reached his home.

Syed Zahid Hussain Zaidi had gone missing in Korangi area.

It seemed as he has undergone enforced disappearance at the hands of cops.

His release has come due to sit-in protest of the families and Shia Missing Persons Release Committee.

They staged sit-in protest outside President of Pakistan Dr Arif Alvi’s Karachi residence. On 13th day, the higher authorities of security agencies contacted them to end the sit-in.

As a result of talks, the agencies transferred eight Shia Muslims to police custody and release some others.

However, biased police had already issued slanderous statement against Shia subjected to enforced disappearance. The police showed conducted their media trial.

Shia community turned down all charges as false and baseless.

Also, they cited that Saudi Wahhabi monarchy’s likeminded sectarian hatemongering terrorists of banned takfiri outfits attacked Pakistan.

They said that Saudi-funded takfiri terrorists were involved in terror attacks on shrines of Islamic saints, civilians and security forces in Pakistan.

Therefore, police should also disclose their sectarian identity i.e. Deobandi Wahhabi takfiri.

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