Erdogan Reveals Under What Circumstance Turkey Will Use S-400 Missile Systems

Turkey’s cooperation with Russia on the issue has repeatedly been criticised by NATO and the US, which cited security concerns and the S-400’s incompatibility with the alliance’s air defence systems. Turkish President Erdogan, for his part, has called the Moscow-Ankara agreement on supplying the S-400s to Turkey a “done deal”.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told reporters on Wednesday that Ankara will use the Russian-made S-400 missile systems in the event of a possible attack against Turkey.

“Some wonder why we are buying [the S-400s] and making such an investment. If necessary, we will have the right to use them. If someone attacks us, we will use these missile systems, which is why we are making such an investment”, the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet quoted Erdogan as saying.

He also confirmed Turkey’s readiness to take part in joint production of the S-400 systems.

“As far as the joint production is concerned, we don’t have any problems with Russia. At the very beginning of our negotiations with [Russian] President Putin, we clinched an agreement on the matter. I hope that we will start joint production because there are no problems at the moment”, Erdogan said, referring to “various speculations” by those who want Turkey to abandon the S-400 deal.

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