Students rally in Tehran to protest India’s Kashmir move

Iranian students have held a protest rally in Tehran to denounce India’s recent decision to scrap a constitutional provision that granted special status to the Muslim-majority New Delhi-controlled Kashmir.

The protest rally took place in front of the Indian embassy in Tehran on Thursday.

Holding up placards and chanting slogans, the protesters called on the international community to address the plight of Kashmiri Muslims, who have felt the brunt of Indo-Pakistan hostilities for three decades.

Tensions have been running high in Kashmir since Monday, when New Delhi revoked Article 370, a constitutional provision that had come into effect in 1949 and grants special status to Kashmir, allowing it to have its own flag and constitution, among other rights.

In the lead-up to the move, India sent thousands of additional troops to the disputed region, imposing a curfew on parts of it, arrested political leaders and shut down telecommunication lines.

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