Suspected drone activity disrupts flights at Dubai airport

At least two flights have been diverted from Dubai International Airport as it undergoes a brief closure due to suspected drone activity.

Emirates Airline said on Sunday that two incoming Emirates flights from Brisbane and New Delhi were diverted to nearby airports in other parts of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

“Dubai Airports can confirm that flight arrivals were briefly disrupted at Dubai International (DXB) from 12:36 hrs to 12:51 hrs UAE local time this afternoon due to suspected drone activity resulting in the diversion of two flights,” a company spokesperson said in a statement.

In recent years, flights at the airport have been disrupted several times by drones, with the last incident occurring in February. At the time, operations were temporarily shut down at Dubai International, causing delays of almost an hour to some flights.

The latest disruption came a week after Yemeni strikes on Saudi Arabia’s oil installations, which knocked out half of the kingdom’s production.

Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah movement took credit for the attacks.

A Houthi military spokesman said on Wednesday, “We have dozens of targets in the UAE that we have selected… in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and they may be hit at any moment.”

The UAE has been participating in a coalition waging war on Yemen.

“The UAE should stop its participation in the aggression (against Yemen) if it wants to protect its glass skyscrapers,” the Houthi spokesman said.

The Yemeni movement has at the same time offered to stop launching retaliatory attacks against the invaders if the Saudi-led military coalition stops its strikes on Yemen.

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