Netanyahu Claims Blood is on Turkey’s Hands After Erdogan Compares Israel to Nazis

Turkey’s relations with Israel soured in the past decade over the volatile situation in Gaza; President Erdogan, a major champion of the Palestinian cause, has repeatedly condemned Israel for its hardline stand on the enclave, always prompting a stern rebuke.

Israel has reacted furiously to a recent speech by Turkish President Erdogan, in which he compared the treatment of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip to the Holocaust.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu accused Erdogan of lying, recalling Turkey’s conflict with Kurds and its denial of accusations of conducting a genocide during World War I in Armenia. “Someone who does not stop lying, who slaughters Kurds, who denies the massacre of the Armenians, should not preach to Israel,” he said. “Stop lying, Erdogan.”

Foreign Minister Israel Katz stuck a similarly defiant tone and accused Erdogan of antisemitism. “There is no other way to interpret Erdogan’s crude and vile words – it is antisemitism, clear cut,” he tweeted.

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