Blasphemous remarks against Imam Mehdi reported in Johi, FIR lodged

Blasphemous remarks against Imam Mehdi reported in Johi by a junior cleric. But, government has failed to take action against him.

Although police has registered FIR, yet they have failed to arrest him.

Abdul Sattar Jamali, a low-ranking junior Deobandi cleric has released a blasphemous video recording.

Blasphemous remarks against Imam Mehdi

In that video, he is using highly indecent, impolite, derogatory slurring remarks against Imam Mehdi.

And he is also inciting other Deobandis to follow his takfiri ideology against Imam Mehdi.

Abdul Sattar Jamali belongs to Phulji (Johi taluka) district Dadu and remains affiliated with a deobandi seminary.

Imam Mehdi

However, Imam Mehdi remains a source of unity of humanity, let alone Muslims.

Though Shia Muslims revere him as their 12th infallible Imam who remains in occulation yet Sunni Muslims too believe in Imam Mehdi.

As per Islamic ideology, Imam Mehdi is that saviour or Messiah who will liberate the suffered humanity from oppression. Hence, he remains symbol of unity among many nations with identical apocalyptic ideology.

Blasphemy in Pakistan

Although takfiri Deobandis call out all non-takfiri Muslims for alleged blasphemy, yet they themselves perpetrate blasphemy.

For that, one may read this article. It is just an example.

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