Lebanese banks open to customers again as life returns to normalcy

Lebanese banks on Friday reopened their doors to customers for the first time in two weeks as the people’s lives start to get back to normal after an unprecedented wave of protests that made Prime Minister Saad Hariri resign.

Despite the two-week hiatus, the number of customers entering major banks was relatively small, according to Reuters’ witnesses.

Life is returning to normalcy in Lebanon after almost two weeks of huge protests against the ruling elite, which finally forced Hariri to resign on Tuesday.

The resignation has somehow eased the protests, but has not been enough to send demonstrators back home, as people have continued their rallies mainly in major squares of the Lebanese cities.

In Thursday demonstrations in Riad al-Solh Square in the heart of downtown Beirut, protesters set fire on the Israeli flag and chanted ‘Death to Israel’.

A few days ago, Saudi-owned Al-Hadath TV claimed that the Lebanese people had been chanting slogans against the Islamic Republic of Iran as well, but facts on the ground reveal it’s just another piece of fake news.

On its Twitter account, the Saudi channel posted a photo of a Lebanese protester with the country’s flag on which a slogan reads “Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen are Arabs, not Iranians; Get out, Iranian mercenaries.”

However, the original photo shows no such slogan and reveals the Saudi network has manipulated the image in a bid to provoke anti-Iran sentiments.

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