Text messaging services only partially restored in occupied Kashmir: report

Contrary to earlier claims, authorities in occupied Kashmir have only partially restored text messaging services for the residents of the valley almost five months after India revoked the region’s special autonomy and imposed a strict communications lockdown, First Post reported on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, local government spokesman Rohit Kansal had said that the authorities will restore text messaging services in the region from Dec 31 “after reviewing the situation”.

However, according to First Post, text messaging services have only be restored for some cellular providers and not all.

The region’s top administrative official, Baseer Khan, confirmed on Wednesday that text messaging services have only been restored for the users of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited. Meanwhile, an Airtel official stated that the order to restore services is “under implementation”, the report added.

The partial restoration of text messaging services has angered citizens who mourned the fact that they were unable it get in touch with their loved ones as the new year rolled in, added the publication.

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