COVID-19: Millions at risk due to lack of facilities in Baluchistan

Millions of people in Balochistan are at risk due to lack of facilities in the province.

The medical staff have not been provided any kit, sanitize, thermal scanner, medicines and other required material to treat the patients at hospitals and quarantine centers.

one of the pilgrims returned from Iran — briefed that they were being kept for 14 days at the centre devoid of preventive measures as a large number of people were at the camp who might have contracted coronavirus.

“No medical screening was performed at the camp, neither local administration provided us masks,” said Naimatullah, adding that deadly virus may spread at the quarantine centre because pilgrims were returning from high-risk areas.
The provincial government has set up hundreds of camps outside the quarantine centre because of large influx of pilgrims and other people to the border town.

Sharing the ordeal, Naimatullah added that temporary shelters were in miserable conditions where no amenities were available.
“We were forced to stay at the quarantine centre devoid of safety kits, potable water and facilities,” said Naimatullah, adding that 150 people were stranded at the camps who hailed from Kharan, Chaghi, Noshki and Dalbadin.