Amnesty urges Jordan to offer medical care to displaced Syrians amid pandemic

Amnesty International has called on Jordanian officials to provide urgent medical care to thousands of internally displaced people stranded at a refugee camp near Syria’s southern frontier with the country, in light of a possible outbreak of the novel coronavirus in the area.

“While the Jordanian authorities are right in seeking to protect the population living in Jordan from COVID-19, they must not put others’ lives at risk while doing so,” Lynn Maalouf, the Middle East Research Director at the human rights group, said on Thursday.

She added, “The one medical centre remaining in the berm is simply not equipped for emergency care or specialized treatment. Pregnant women and other patients in urgent need of care have nowhere to turn to.”

“The Jordanian authorities must allow those seeking medical treatment to access facilities in Jordan, and also allow humanitarian aid and essential services to reach the area,” Maalouf pointed out.

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