Coronavirus cases rise in UAE amid relaxed restrictions

The UAE recorded 680 more cases of the novel coronavirus on Monday (May 11), a day after recording the country’s highest rise since the outbreak started.

The spike in cases comes two weeks after the government relaxed restrictions on April 23, allowing malls, restaurants and cafes to reopen at limited capacity.

Infections of the novel coronavirus in the energy producing region had initially been linked to travel.

But despite taking early measures to combat the spread of the virus, Persian Gulf states have seen a spread among low-income migrant workers living in cramped quarters, prompting authorities to ramp up testing.

The number of coronavirus cases in the six Persian Gulf Arab states surpassed 100,000 on Monday (May 11) , with 557 deaths, according to a Reuters tally based on official figures.

The UAE has a total of 18,878 cases with 201 deaths.

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