President Rouhani hails Iranians good performance in anti-coronavirus campaign

President Hassan Rouhani on Tuesday lauded Iran’s successes in the face of coronavirus epidemic, and said that the government’s effective measures against the disease invalidated many misjudgments in this respect.

Addressing a meeting of thinkers and academic and seminary officials, the Iranian president said that the deadly coronavirus rapidly influenced all aspects of human life, as it has affected religious and national rituals, social communications and even family relationships.

Human knowledge and awareness are always limited and despite its advancements in various sciences, human community was taken by surprise by the COVID-19, President Rouhani said.

Noting that coronavirus will certainly have consequences for human communities, the chief executive pointed out that the event changed the norms accepted by nations, governments and human communities, as many governments that claimed to have a lot of knowledge, equipment, and scientific and financial capabilities were completely caught up in it.

“Today, Iran is a country which can show is itself well in this competition,” President Rouhani said, noting that Iran was successful in fighting the deadly disease as most of the countries hailed its achievements.

One of the misjudgments about Iran was that due to the revolution, science and knowledge have not progressed as they should in this country and Iran’s scientific power is at a low level, he said, adding that another issue was about the power and managerial capability in the country, and another discussion was about the social capital of the establishment, which said that the people have problems with the system and do not listen to the authorities.

President Rouhani also reiterated that despite the West’s imagination that the Iranian people would fail after several months against the virus, they tolerated all difficulties and brought the situation under control.

All these achievements invalidated biased judgments against Iran, the government, and the country’s management, and they realized that Iran was a powerful country, the president said.

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