Allama Raja Nasir announces Quds Day on Friday May 22

Allama Raja Nasir announces Quds Day on Friday May 22 to express solidarity with oppressed Palestinians.

While addressing a press conference at MWM’s central secretariat, he also said they would also mark solidarity with oppressed Kashmiris on Youm-ul-Quds.

Allama Raja Nasir announces Quds Day
Originally, Imam Khomeini had called for observance of International Quds Day to highlight the issue of occupied Palestine worldwide.

Since then, people began observing Youm-ul-Quds across the world.

Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen Pakistan secretary general Allama Raja Nasir Abbas Jafari also lamented the silence of Muslim regimes.

He cited US President Trump’s so-called deal of the century to occupy the rest of Palestine hoodwinking the world. He said the Trump-led US administration hatched this conspiracy together with the allied Arab regimes.

The MWM leader further said that Israeli forces are attacking Palestinians ferociously and made Palestinian homeland hell for Palestinians.

He said India under Modi government was also repeating those Israeli crimes against oppressed Kashmiris in occupied Kashmir.

Furthermore, he mentioned their International Quds Day a moral duty in the light of founder of Pakistan Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s support for Palestinians and Kashmiris.

Meanwhile, he also spoke on azadari (sacred mourn) which he declared Constitutional and legal right.

He slammed the government for backtracking on Youm-e-Ali related conditional permission. He cited that the government had granted permission for religious gatherings during Ramazan if the participants implement SOPs regarding Coronavirus.

Shia Islamic parties’ leader cited that under same permission, other sects offer non-obligatory taraveeh prayers en masse while people thong markets and bazaars for shopping. Hence, they criticized the government’s policy as biased, unfair and based on double standards.

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