VP: Iran Self-Sufficient in Coronavirus-Related Supplies

Domestic production of various supplies by Iranian knowledge-based companies for the battle with COVID-19 has obviated the need for the import of the medical goods, a vice president announced.

Speaking to reporters in Iran’s southern city of Bushehr on Tuesday, Vice President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari said the Islamic Republic is now self-sufficient in producing the items needed for the prevention and treatment of the novel coronavirus.

“Our country does not currently need to import any equipment for the battle with the coronavirus, as all needs of the country are fulfilled domestically,” he noted.

Sattari said Iranian knowledge-based companies have managed to manufacture a broad range of medical supplies and hospital equipment.

The local businesses have made such great progress in producing the coronavirus diagnostic test kits that the homegrown kits are being exported to foreign countries, the vice president said, adding that 8 Iranian companies have received permission for the export of testing kits.

Iran has now the capacity to produce one million cellulose-based testing kits a day and 1.5 million PCR (Polymerase chain reaction) based kits per month, he added.

In April, Sattari inaugurated a plant manufacturing coronavirus diagnostic test kits, saying the local experts were manufacturing a broad range of equipment for the battle with COVID-19, including surgery room apparatuses, medical ventilators and masks.

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