‘Israel’ planning to utilize Beirut port blast to instigate the Lebanese against Hezbollah arms: Report

The Israeli intelligence command has prepared a plan to provoke the Lebanese against Hezbollah by weaponry by unveiling maps of its locations in Lebanon and launching a propaganda that promotes its threat in light of Beirut Port explosion.

“Israel Today” newspaper reported that the operations chamber tasked to carry out this mission was set at the Zionist ministry of defense and military staff command where all the needed data is available.

It is worth noting that the paper is close to the Zionist PM Benjamin Netanyahu who, while addressing the UN General Assembly, had accused Hezbollah of storing arms at Beirut port and in residential areas.

In response to Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah’s success in his psychological warfare against the Israelis, the Zionist intelligence command will no longer refrain from interfering directly by pushing the Lebanese people to demand expelling Hezbollah from Lebanon due to the threat its weaponry poses.

The report, which remarkably matched with the calls issued by some Lebanese to confiscate Hezbollah arms allegedly stored in residential areas, pointed out that the Israeli plan relies solely on the political and media campaigns without resorting to the military option at all.

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