Detention centers in UAE mass graves for female inmates, right organization warns

An international human rights group has warned about the appalling condition of women being held behind bars across the United Arab Emirates, describing detention centers in the Persian Gulf country as “mass graves” for female detainees.

The Arab Organization for Human Rights in the UK (AOHR UK), in a series of posts published on its official Twitter page, stated that inmates suffer from “extremely poor conditions of detention that pose a grave danger to their lives.”

The organization described the UAE prisons as “mass graves in which female detainees are subjected to slow and systematic killing at the hands of security authorities, who are proficient in mental and physical torture.”

According to testimonies of the women, Emirati security forces enjoy harassing them as sick detainees fight their illnesses without any medical care.

The AOHR UK said the UAE is holding hundreds of detainees inside its prisons.

It cited the case of Alia Abdel Nour, a cancer-stricken Emirati woman imprisoned on terrorism charges for raising money online for Syrian refugees, stating that she died on May 4 last year as UAE forces denied her adequate medical care and mistreated her for more than three years.

The organization added that such examples are “conclusive evidence of the extent of a decline in human rights conditions in the UAE,” highlighting that female detainees in the country are forced to sign papers without reading their contents that include unsubstantiated accusations.

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