13 Shia Muslims massacred in Mach area near Quetta

At least 13 Hazara Shia Muslim coalminers massacred in Mach near Quetta early today (Sunday).

First, the notorious takfiri nasbi terrorists kidnapped Hazara Shia Muslim coal miners.

Later, they murdered them during captivity near the Mach coalfield, about 48km (30 miles) east of the provincial capital, Quetta.

Moazzam Ali Jatoi, an official with the Levies Force which serves as police and paramilitary in the area, shared these details with Aljazeera correspondent.

Mr. Jatoi further said that the armed terrorists took the coal miners to nearby mountains where they opened fire on them.

Images showed the blindfolded martyrs with their hands tied on back.

Meanwhile, six miners embraced martyrdom on the spot. The five critically wounded Hazara Shia Muslim coalminers succumbed to wounds on the way to hospital.

Moreover, the official Jatoi said that an initial investigation revealed the attackers had first identified the miners belonging to the Hazara Shia community.

After having confirmed their identity, they took them away for execution, leaving others unharmed.

Later, security troops surrounded the desolate mountainous area and diverted traffic, while guiding ambulances to pick up the bodies.

Besides, security forces also began operation in the mountains to search for the attackers.

Notorious terrorist group Sipah Sahaba (ASWJ) also known as Rah-e-Haq Party and their subsidiary Lashkar-e-Jhangvi remained involved in Shia genocide.

Aforesaid banned Deobandi takfiri nasbi terrorist groups Sipah Sahaba and LeJ targeted the Hazara Shia community in Balochistan province.

Particularly, Ramzan Mengal group and Usman Kurd’s remnants continue their heinous crime against humanity.


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