Worldwide events show Qassem Soleimani winner of hearts and minds war

Worldwide events show Qassem Soleimani winner of hearts and minds war of the first anniversary of his martyrdom.

Factually, General Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi Mohandis won hearts and minds war through altruistic services.

They rendered unmatched services and sacrifices for the sake of oppressed humanity.

Worldwide commemoration of the martyrdom anniversary of the Great Martyrs of Baghdad shows this very fact today.

Nobody else other than the team Soleimani could unmask real face behind the warmongering Zionists-controlled United States.

First of all they came illegality and illegitimacy of U.S. troops deployment in Iraq, Syria and rest of the Middle East.

U.S. military illegally assassinated son of soil Abu Mahdi Mohandis and national guest of Iraq namely General Qassem Soleimani in Baghdad.

So, who poses threat to whom? People around the world came to know the factual position regarding the actual nature of U.S. presence.

Popular Mobilization Unit’s commander Abdu Mahdi Mohandis and Iranian Major General Qassem Soleimani protected Iraqis.

Notably, they destroyed the ISIS (Daesh) terrorist networks and saved lives of Iraqi Christians, Izadi, Assyrians as well.

Let alone Shia Muslims, they also saved lives of Sunni Arabs and Kurds. How can Iraqis forget sacrifices of the team Soleimani and the team Abu Mahdi Mohandis?

Neither Palestinians and Lebanese and nor Syrians could forget Quds Force Commander General Qassem Soleimani.

He strengthened their defence against the foreign occupation and terrorists. Proudly, the team Soleimani armed the legitimate national resistance of occupied Palestine.

Ironically, world failed to help occupied Palestine and displaced Palestinian refugees.

Israel grabbed the land of Palestine, including al Quds Jerusalem. Racist Jewish regime had displaced Palestinians and until now the UNSC failed to ensure return of those Palestinian refugees.

Meanwhile, Israel continues to deny their right of return, establish illegal Jewish settlement, raze houses of Palestinians and grab more land.

As compared to them, Haj Qassem and his Quds Force acted within the ambit of international and humanitarian law.

They helped Palestinians altruistically, while trying their level best to help liberate the occupied Palestine.

Let alone mosques and shrine, Haj Qassem also saved churches and other places of worship of non-Muslims.

People of Middle East continue to stay captivated due to heroic deeds of Haj Qassem.

U.S., Israel and their allied Arab regimes cannot hoodwink people. Arab streets from Palestine to Lebanon to Syria to Yemen to Iraq to everywhere speak for themselves.

Without an iota of doubt, one can conclude Haj Qassem and Haj Mohandis and their teams have won hearts and minds.

Pakistanis, Indians, even Europeans and American citizens detest the U.S.-led bloc’s meddling into internal affairs of other nations.

Due to U.S. regime’s history of unjustifiable wars on other nations, people detest the U.S. regime.

However, Haj Qassem also emerged as one-man-army who singlehandedly strategized humiliating defeat upon the U.S.-led bloc.

Now, his admirers across the world are demonstrating their adoration to the Winner of Hearts and Minds. U.S. and Israel have failed to kill his ideology. Soleimani rules from the grave.

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