Shia Muslims stage countrywide protests in solidarity with Quetta Martyrs

Shia Muslims have staged countrywide protests across country in solidarity with Quetta Martyrs.

While defying cold weather, Shia Muslims have come out on streets to continue sit-in Since the victims of Quetta have staged sit-in Sit in protest.

The protesters are expressing solidarity with the main sit-in protest which the bereaved families of the martyred Hazara Shia coalminers continue to hold in Quetta.

Hazara Shia massacre at Mach coalmines has compelled the families of the victims and their supporters to begin sit-in protest.

In Karachi alone, many sit-ins being held. Key leaders and politicians are also sitting at Numaish Chowrangi to condemn Shia genocide.

Allama Syed Razi Jafar Naqvi of Jafaria Alliance, Allama Shabbir Maisami, Allama Mirza Yousuf Hussain, Maulana Ali Anwar, Allama Mubashir Hassan and other eminent figures spoke at Numaish.

Meanwhile, Shia Muslims in Islamabad and Rawalpindi and Lahore and other parts continue their protest.

Similarly, Parachinar town near border between Pakistan and Afghanistan also continues protest.

The entire Sindh province has held protest rallies and demos. To express solidarity with the families of the martyrs, MWM and ISO have held protest rallies across Pakistan.

Somewhere, Shias Ulema Council and Asgharia (ASO and AIAT) have held protest rallies.

Shia Muslims across the country condemned the callousness regarding the ferocious terrorist attack on coalmine laborers.

Meanwhile, Federal Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid had returned Islamabad.

He has briefed Prime Minister Imran Khan regarding his talks with the Hazara Shia elders he held during Quetta visit.

Reportedly, Now, Prime Minister may visit Quetta to meet the protesting elders and the families at the sit-protest camp.

Meanwhile, according to international and Arab media, ISIS Daesh claimed responsibility for massacre of Hazara Shia coalminers.

However, Pakistanis know well that outlawed Sipah Sahaba (ASWJ) and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi serve as local facilitators of Daesh (ISIS).

Nowadays, they also use the name Rah-e-Haq party a cover to divert world public attention from their real affiliation.

Ramzan Mengal and remnants of Usman Kurd follow the ideology of M Ahmed Ludhianvi, Aurangzeb Farooqui. Together they follow the malicious ideology of hate and bigotry of Haq Nawaz Jhangvi.

These sectarian thugs and fanatics came to surface during Martial Law regime of General Zia ul Haq, the ally of the U.S.-led West.

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