Mother of Allama Hassan Zafar Naqvi passes away in Karachi

Mother of renowned Pakistani Shia Islamic cleric Allama Hassan Zafar Naqvi passes away in Karachi today.

She has been remained cardiac patient.

Two brothers of Allama Seyed Hassan Zafar Naqvi had already passed away.

Meanwhile, the family announced funeral of the mother on Friday.

Allama Hassan Zafar has been leading sit-in protest at Abbas Town Karachi.

Notably, he leads protest to express solidarity with the families of martyred Hazara Shia coalmine workers.

Meanwhile, the community elders and clerics have offered condolences to Allama Syed Hassan Zafar Naqvi.

Islamic rules require Allama Hasan Zafar to fulfill funeral related responsibilities as a son.

However, he announced protest sit in to continue, while he was returning to protest sit in camp shortly.

Meanwhile, Shiite.News invites readers to more news and analysis in Urdu and English.

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