Sit in protest in Quetta, across Pakistan continue; reject fake news

Sit in protest in Quetta and across Pakistan continue rejecting fake news vice versa.

Quetta Friday prayers leader Allama Syed Hashim Mousavi who lead the protest sit in released a video message.

He rebuffed fake news regarding sit-in’s conclusion. Instead, he clarified sit-in protest continues on 5th consecutive day today (Thursday).

Similarly, protesters at sit-in across Karachi and all over country also vowed to continue sit-in protest.

Meanwhile, the protesters condemned fake news from ARY and Samaa TV channels.

Moreover, protesters asked the media not to spread fake news.

Pakistan is witnessing new wave of Shia genocide since early Sunday (January 03, 2021).

Notorious and ferocious terrorists slaughtered 11 Hazara Shia coalmine workers in Mach (Balochistan).

Their families and Hazara Shia elders have not buried the coffins of the martyred Shia coalmine workers so far.

They are holding a sit-in in Quetta, while Shia Muslims across Pakistan have also come out to express solidarity with them.

Till filing of this report, they continue sit-in protest at many locations in Karachi, rest of Sindh province and rest of Pakistan.


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