Only regional countries can guarantee security of Strait of Hormuz: Iran naval commander

An Iranian Navy commander says the security of the strategic Strait of Hormuz can only be guaranteed through cooperation of all countries in the region.

Admiral Jafar Tazakkor, commander of the Iranian Navy’s First District, made the remarks on Monday in a meeting with Commodore Khan Mahmood Asif, the commander of a Pakistani Navy flotilla, which docked at the southern Iranian port city of Bandar Abbas this weekend.

“Holding joint meetings to exchange maritime information and knowledge sends the message that security and peace in the strategic Strait of Hormuz and the North Indian Ocean can only be ensured with the help of regional countries,” Tazakkor said.

“The purpose of such interactions between the two navies is to strengthen military relations and come up with a method accepted by both sides for the design and implementation of combined naval exercises,” he added.

Tazakkor further noted that this maritime synergy at various levels demonstrates the determination of the navies in establishing the security of transportation and maritime trade in the areas under their control.

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