Raeisi: “We Will Do Our Best to Serve Iranian Nation”

Iran’s President-elect Ebrahim Raeisi vowed on Saturday that the coming administration will work hard to serve the Iranian nation.

“We will benefit from all the valuable views of experts, thinkers, and people”, Raeisi said following a meeting with incumbent President Hasan Rouhani.

“I hope we will do our best to fulfill the heavy task that people have given us,” Raeisi added.

“Since August 3, Ayatollah Raeisi is the president of all Iranians and I have no doubt that the people will fully support him and his legitimate government”, said Rouhani after the meeting.

After 45 days all responsibilities will be transferred to the new administration, he also said, adding, “We will stand by the future government in this period.”

Raeisi, for his part, also expressed hope to restore the trust of the Iranian people who chose him as their president.

He said that he will hold meetings with Rouhani and the ministers so as to use their experiences and reports on the situation of the country.

He also called on all experts and thinkers to share their valuable views with the future government.

Raeisi Meets Qalibaf

Meanwhile, in a meeting with Iranian Parliament speaker Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf he said that the new government will make every effort to solve the country’s problems, particularly the living problems of the people.

Qalibaf went to congratulate the president-elect on Saturday after preliminary results of the Friday election showed that Raeisi was so far ahead of his rivals that left no doubt that he will be the next Iranian president after Rouhani leaves office in early August.

Raeisi said that he will consult with the Iranian parliament speaker and other Members of Parliament, as well as all experts, to form a government which could maintain the trust of the people.

Source: Iranian media

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