Russia sends two ships to Iran’s Bandar Anzali for Sea Cup competition

Russia has deployed two vessels to Iran’s northern port of Bandar Anzali on the Caspian Sea to participate in the Sea Cup competition of the 2021 International Army Games.

In a statement carried by the website of the Russian Defense Ministry on Friday, the press service of Russia’s Southern Military District said that the crews of the small artillery ships Makhachkala and Astrakhan of the Caspian Flotilla had left their base in the Republic of Dagestan and were sailing to Bandar Anzali.

Makhachkala will be the main representative of the Russian navy in the competition while Astrakhan will be a reserve ship, it added.

The Sea Cup competition, which is a maritime training among the crews of surface ships, will be held from August 25 to September 4 at the naval base of the Islamic Republic of Iran on the Caspian Sea.

Makhachkala sailors are expected to fire from artillery mounts at a floating mine, a target shield and an air target dropped by parachute, according to Russia’s Southern Military District.

They will also compete in the use of weapons, the fight for the survivability of the ship as well as search and rescue operations, and conduct exercises such as moving the vessel to the anchorage area, anchoring, passing specified routes at maximum speed and providing assistance to emergency ships.


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