President Raisi: Iran Monitoring Developments in Afghanistan

Iran is carefully monitoring the developments in Afghanistan and is committed to the rules of neighborliness with Afghans, President Ebrahim Raisi said on Monday.
In a conversation with outgoing Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Monday, Raisi said the military defeat of the US and its withdrawal from Afghanistan must provide an opportunity for the revival of life, security and sustainable security in the neighboring state.

“Iran is vigilantly monitoring the developments in that country (Afghanistan) and is committed to the arrangements of neighborliness with Afghanistan,” the president stated.

The Islamic Republic believes that the rule of the Afghan people’s will has always resulted in security and stability, he said, stressing that the Afghan people have the right to enjoy security, stability and welfare.

“As a neighboring and brotherly country, Iran will try to invite all (Afghan) groups to achieve national consensus in order for the establishment of stability, which is Afghanistan’s primary need today,” Raisi stressed.

He also assigned the foreign minister and the secretary of the Supreme National Security Council to monitor the developments in Afghanistan carefully and constantly and give him reports.

The Taliban have declared the war in Afghanistan over after taking control of the presidential palace in Kabul while many nations scrambled on Monday to evacuate their citizens amid chaos at the airport as frantic Afghans searched for a way out.

President Ashraf Ghani fled the country on Sunday as the Taliban entered the capital virtually unopposed, saying he wanted to avoid bloodshed.

It took the Taliban just over a week to seize control of the country after a lightning sweep that ended in Kabul as government forces, trained for years and equipped by the United States and others, melted away.

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