Yemenis stage protest in al-Mahrah province against presence of foreign troops

Yemenis have taken to streets in the country’s eastern province of al-Mahrah to express their strong dissent against the presence of foreign troops, some six years after a Saudi-led military coalition began an offensive against the impoverished nation.

On Friday, thousands of people held protest rallies across al-Mahrah against the presence of forces from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and the United Kingdom, demanding them to leave the province.

Protesters also called on the Saudi-led invading forces to put an end to the occupation of Yemen.

Earlier reports indicated that British forces entered the Yemeni province in the wake of an alleged attack against an Israeli vessel in the Gulf of Oman.

London has sent over the forces under the pretext of trying to find the alleged perpetrators behind a reported attack on an Israeli tanker off the Omani coast on July 29, which the West alleges originated from Yemen.

The reports prompted dozens of Yemeni rights activists to launch a campaign on social media with the hashtag “British occupation in al- Mahrah.”

Saudi Arabia and many of its allies, particularly the UAE, have been waging a war on Yemen since 2015 to restore power there to the country’s Riyadh-friendly former officials.

The war and a simultaneous crippling siege that the Saudi-led coalition has been enforcing on the Arab world’s already poorest nation, has killed hundreds of thousands of Yemenis.

The US is the main supporter of a 2015-present Saudi-led war on Yemen. The war seeks to return power to Washington and Riyadh’s former allies in the Arabian Peninsula country.

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