Official denounces ‘suffocating siege’ imposed by US on Yemen

The head of Yemen’s supreme political council has denounced the “suffocating siege” imposed by the United States, which has compounded the misery of war-weary people in the Arab country.

Mahdi al-Mashat on Sunday termed the US-led blockade against Yemen as “part of its ongoing horrendous crimes” in the war-ravaged country.

Situated at the southwestern corner of the Arabian Peninsula, the country has been beset by violence and chaos since 2015, when Saudi Arabia and its allies launched a devastating military campaign to reinstall the former regime of Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi in Sana’a.

The protracted war has killed hundreds of thousands of Yemeni civilians and spawned the worst humanitarian catastrophe in modern world history.

Al-Mashat, pointing to the criminal collaboration between the US and the Saudi-led military coalition, asserted that the kingdom has “sought to target” Yemeni people with the “American weaponry.”

The Saudi aggression has spawned horrendous human rights abuses and led to the killing of civilians, including women and children, in the Arab country, he noted.

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