Iran, Russia create regional security, prevent unilateralism, says President Raeisi

Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi says Iran and Russia create security in the region and prevent unilateralism, expressing hope that his visit to Moscow could be a “turning point” in bilateral relations.

“The Iran-Russia collaboration in the region certainly creates security and will prevent unilateralism,” Raeisi said at Mehrabad International Airport on Wednesday morning, before leaving Tehran for Moscow on an official visit.

He said his trip comes at the invitation of his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

During his trip, Raeisi is scheduled to meet Putin and address the plenary session of the Duma, the lower house of the Russian parliament.

According to the Kremlin, Raeisi and Putin will discuss all issues related to bilateral cooperation, including the implementation of joint projects in economic and trade fields, as well as important international and regional developments.

“Undoubtedly, we have good relations with all of our neighbors, particularly Russia, and given the political, economic, and trade relations between the two countries in various fields, this trip can be a turning point in improving all of our cooperation with Russia,” the Iranian president said.

Raeisi said his trip will focus on bilateral relations, political, economic, energy, and trade issues, as well as aerospace cooperation.

Describing the current level of bilateral cooperation as “not satisfactory for Russians and us,” he expressed hopes for the expansion of cooperation with Moscow in different fields.

President Raeisi described Iran as an independent, mighty, and influential country in the region, saying Russia is also an important, powerful, and influential country, adding that dialog between the two countries can have a great impact on the security and the promotion of economic and trade relations in the region.

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