Yemenis Mark Ashura, Reiterate Support to Palestine

Yemenis took to streets on Monday to mark Ashura as well as to show support to Palestinian people against Israeli aggression.

Thousands gathered in Sanaa streets, voicing full support to Palestinian people and stressing that both Palestine and Yemen have been oppressed by the United States, Zionist entity and other tyrants.

Raising Yemeni and Palestinian flags, Yemenis chanted for Palestine and Yemen against Israeli and Saudi aggression.

Mufti of Yemen Shams Al-Din Sharaf Al-Din addressed mourners as saying that the main goal of commemorating Ashura is to make a link between the past and the present and to introduce the nation to its responsibilities.

“A nation with no past is a nation with no present and no future. When we mark Ashura, we are reviving all values of this tragic incident in the nation.”

The Yemeni Mufti noted that all those who ignored the past have abandoned their duties towards the nation.

Elsewhere in Saada and Hodeidah, mass rallies were also reported, with mourners raising black flags along with Palestinian and Yemeni flags.

Saada Governor Mohammad Jaber Awad stressed support to Al-Quds, condemning the aggression on Gaza.

“We will remain on Imam Hussein’s path until the liberation of Al-Quds and all our holy sites,” Awad said.

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