Iran condemns Damascus bomb attack, calls for removal of anti-Syria sanctions

Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman has condemned a Thursday bomb attack hitting the Syrian capital Damascus, calling on the world to help Syria by trying to end the “cruel sanctions” on the Arab nation.

Nasser Kan’ani on Thursday offered condolences to the Syrian government and nation, and families of the victims of the tragic motorcycle explosion near the Sayeda Zeinab shrine in a southern suburb of the capital Damascus, which killed at least six and injured at least 23 others.

“At a time when the innocent people of Syria suffer from the US and some Western states’ cruel sanctions, under the painful silence of the global community, terrorist groups backed by the Zionist regime and the US commit such heinous crimes,” he said.

The Iranian spokesman called on the world to condemn the recent terror attacks as well as Israeli aerial attacks targeting Syria and to work to get the Western sanctions on Syria removed.

“Considering the years-long fight of the Syrian government and nation against terrorism, the global community and international organizations would do well … to take immediate and effective measures to remove the unilateral and cruel American and Western sanctions on Syria and to send humanitarian aid to the country,” he said.

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