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800,000 Palestinians in Gaza facing death by starvation, thirst: media office

The Gaza Media Office has said that 800,000 residents “in the governorates of Gaza and northern the enclave” are facing death because of Israel’s policy of starvation and thirst against the enclave, Anadolu Agency reports.

A statement explained that the two governorates “need 1,300 food trucks daily to overcome the hunger crisis, with 600 trucks for the north and 700 for Gaza city.”

It pointed out that Israel “is speeding up the pace of a real famine and killing 14 martyrs who tried to get food (without providing details about the deaths)”.

The Media Office warned of the army’s “deliberate and intentional efforts to cause a real famine in Gaza city and northern the enclave”.​​​​​​​

It also highlighted the army’s continued prevention of “aid, supplies, food, and provisions from entering the governorates, as well as shooting at trucks attempting to reach them, targeting drinking water pipelines and wells, and hindering all aspects of life.”


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