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Four thousand Israeli forces disabled in ongoing Gaza war: Report

Four thousand Israeli regime forces have become disabled since the beginning of the Zionists’ genocidal war on the Gaza Strip in October, Hebrew news site, Walla reported, stressing that the number could rise to 30,000 forces.

“Currently, about 4,000 soldiers (with disabilities) have been recognized according to classification 3, meaning they are entitled to all treatments and rights enjoyed by a disabled person in the Israeli army without being officially recognized in this way,” the regime’s news agency reported on Friday.

The report added that the regime authorities were now preparing themselves to deal with the huge number of disabled forces who needed extensive rehabilitation services.

According to the report, the Israeli regime tries to censor media coverage of the aggression on Gaza, while also blurring the magnitudes of its own losses, and “does not provide all data about the wounded to the public, for fear that it will lower people’s morale”.

Idan Kaliman, chairman of the Israel Occupation Forces (IOF) Organization for the Disabled was quoted by Walla as saying, “I have been in the organization for 30 years, and I have never encountered such a large number of severely wounded individuals. There are many wounded with amputated limbs, blindness, or paralysis.”

The news site noted those injured were paid and received treatment without the need to prove that they were wounded in the ongoing war in the Gaza Strip.

It cited the official as saying that a rehabilitation plan for the disabled was in hand and “will begin soon to reintegrate them into life.”

Walla added that now the disabled are entering the most significant battle of their lives – the rehabilitation struggle, physically and mentally, which is getting longer.

It said the definition of a disabled can also lead to weakening when one has to prove that s/he is “unfit” to receive his treatment.

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