Germany considers delivery of tank ammunition to Israel amid Gaza genocidal war

Germany’s government is considering the delivery of tank ammunition to Israel amid genocidal war against Gaza, the German magazine Der Spiegel has reported, as Western governments keep on backing the Tel Aviv regime for its ongoing massacre.

Israel requested Germany in November to approve the delivery of around 10,000 rounds of 120-millimeter precision ammunition manufactured by Rheinmetall, the report said.

The departments involved have already fundamentally agreed behind the scenes to fulfill a request from the Israeli government.

The Israeli ambassador to Germany, Ron Prosor thanked the German government for its unrelenting support it has shown.

“Since October 7, Germany has unmistakably stood by Israel and expressed its unreserved support,” Prosor told Der Spiegel. “Israel thanks Germany for this,” he added.

The German Chancellor Olaf Scholz emphasized that arms deliveries were also possible.

According to the report, in order to promptly address the request, there is consideration being given to releasing ammunition from the stocks of the German army as the industry is unable to provide the desired precision ammunition immediately.

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