Scout martyred by terrorists in Karachi

The scout on Shia identity in Karachi was martyred by the terrorists of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi.

According to the details, Shoaib Ahmad, volunteer of Payam Wilayat Scouts, was martyred by unknown persons in Karachi

Payam Wilayat Shikarpur has condemned the tragedy and demanded that the killers of Scout Shoaib Ahmed be arrested and the facilitators exposed.

It should be remembered that the bus coming from Parachinar to Peshawar was also targeted a few days ago in which Dr. Ruqia Najaf was martyred.

During the funeral procession of banned Lashkar Jhangvi in Islamabad, open threats were made to kill Shia Muslims.

50,000 Shias were martyred in the Shia genocide in Pakistan, ISO Pakistan has announced a protest day tomorrow.

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