Speeches of banned outfits in Islamabad clarifies who is the killer of Muslims of Parachinar: Shaheedi

Head of Ummat e Wahida Pakistan, Allama Muhammad Ameen Shaheedi, said in a statement on the social networking website X that five attacks were carried out on passenger vehicles coming and going from Parachinar in a month.

He raised the question that who is killing innocent women, children and the elderly and why?
Allama Muhammad Ameen Shaheedi said that if the state institutions have heard the speeches of Maulvi Usmani, during the funeral of slain Sipah Sahaba leader who was killed in Islamabad, why are they not able to recognize the killer?Are these speeches not a slap in the face of the state?
The head of Ummat e Wahida said that is there any difference between the color of the blood of Dr. Ruqia Najaf and the slain Maulvi, the nature of the crime, and the punishment.

If a sectarian Takfiri is killed by his own people, instead of looking for the murderer in their ranks, should the terrorist killer group be allowed to massacre dozens of innocent Muslims in Parachinar?
He further said that where is our state? Where are the responsible authorities of the state?
Where are the big judges of the country?

Secret agencies that broadcast videos of the private lives of political opponents getting huge salaries from public taxes for the same purpose? Why they failed to bring the murderers to the justice.

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