The death of Mohsin-i-Millat has caused an irreparable loss to the nation and the scholarly community, Allama Amin Shahidi.

Allama Muhammad Amin Shahidi, head of Ummah Wahida Pakistan, has said in his condolence message that the Qur’an commentator, researcher and writer, educator of the nation, teacher of morals, teacher of scholars, architect of the nation, Sheikh of Jamia, Mohsen Millat, Allama Sheikh Mohsen Ali Najafi. The passing away of Allah Maqama Al-Sharif is an irreparable loss for the Pakistani nation and the field of knowledge.

Simple life, day and night full of servitude and servitude, making full use of the days of life, compilation of educational commentary, scientific works, formation of schools, colleges, institutions, meaningful moral and intellectual training of students and youth, in every field, your Alive and
Effective signs are a reflection of your enlightened life.

The head of Ummat Wahida said that when the circumstances were tough, all the nobles of the nation were blessed with the shade of a tree for mutual unity and unity.
Mohsin Millat was the figure to whom the eyes of the nation, scholarly organizations, and youths turned in all the important and difficult crisis situations that occurred in the dear country.
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He further said that in the difficult and difficult circumstances of recent years, Allah Almighty made the blessed existence of the late Sheikh Sahib a light source to unite all groups and scholars and declare a united stand.
The life of Istaz-ul-Ulama was considered to be very blessed and a source of grace for the expression of religious values and knowledge for everyone.
Allama Muhammad Amin Shaheedi further said that it can be rightly said about this personality that Ash Saeedah and Mat Martyr, because Man Mat Ali Hub All Muhammad Mat Martyr.
May Allah bless him with the Prophet and the family of the Prophet, peace be upon him, and bless the nation with his blessings, Amen.

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