US-drafted resolution on Red Sea aims to protect Israel: Iran

The Iranian Foreign Ministry says the US-drafted resolution on the Red Sea that has recently been adopted by the United Nations Security Council is aimed at protecting Israel and supporting its genocidal war on Gaza.

The UN Security Council on Wednesday approved a draft resolution, submitted by the US and Japan, which demanded an immediate end to attacks by Yemeni forces on Israeli-owned or Israeli-bound ships in the Red Sea.

Nasser Kan’ani, the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman, said the resolution “apparently focuses on the rights and freedom of navigation in the Red Sea, but its main objective is to legitimize” the US-led naval coalition in order to “achieve specific political goals and create the needed shield” to allow Israel to continue with its war crimes in Gaza.

He noted that the resolution was adopted after the US “exerted pressure” on the Security Council’s members.

Kan’ani also noted that the remarks made by the US envoy during the UNSC meeting on “freedom of navigation” in the Red Sea were aimed at diverting attention from Israel’s ongoing crimes against Palestinians in Gaza.

He also dismissed the US “baseless accusations”, warning Washington against taking any “provocative, irresponsible” action that could endanger the security and stability of the region.

The spokesman also called on the UNSC to shoulder its responsibility and address the root causes of tensions in the Red Sea.

Yemen says that its retaliatory operations against Israel-linked ships in the Red Sea will continue until the regime’s genocidal war on Gaza ends and the siege imposed on the strip is lifted.

Since the start of Israel’s war on Gaza, the Tel Aviv regime has killed at least 23,469 Palestinians and injured nearly 60,000 others.

Kan’ani noted that the resolution came as part of the US’ unwavering support for Israel, drawing a comparison between Washington’s stance on the pro-Israel resolution and its vetoing of UNSC resolutions calling for a ceasefire in Gaza.

“Instead of taking a decisive action to stop the crimes committed by the Israeli regime, the US administration is still supporting the regime politically, militarily … and diplomatically,” Kan’ani said, urging the UNSC to “immediately” take “decisive” measures to force Israel to stop the war in Gaza.

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