US maximum pressure policy on Iran failed under Raeisi: Presidential candidate

A candidate for Iran’s upcoming presidential election has said that the late President Ebrahim Raeisi successfully defeated the US policy of “maximum pressure” against Iran.

Saeid Jalili, who is going to contest the June 28 elections in Iran along five other candidates, said on Wednesday that Raeisi had been committed to a foreign policy that covered good relations with many countries around the world and not a handful of states in the West.

He said in a campaign speech in the eastern city of Birjand that even the United States has admitted that Raeisi’s era led to an utter failure for Washington’s maximum pressure policy on Iran.

President Raeisi along with several senior officials died in a helicopter crash in northwest Iran last month.

His three years in office marked a major change in Iran’s foreign policy approach as the country looked more eastward and deepened relations with neighbors and traditional allies.

Raeisi and his Oil Ministry team were successful in raising Iran’s oil exports to record levels despite tough sanctions imposed on the country’s energy sector by the US.

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